Former IRS Chiefs Warn Congress about Budget Cuts

Seven former IRS commissioners are begging Congress to halt additional cuts to the agency’s budget. In a November letter to U.S. House and Senate leaders, the former commissioners pointed out that the agency’s budget has been cut by 17 percent since 2010 — a $1.2 billion reduction. “None of us ever experienced, nor are we […]

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Rate Changes on the Horizon for FEGLI Participants

Come January, you might see your Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance deduction on your paycheck rise or fall depending on the plan you are enrolled in. Older workers and retirees will be the hardest hit. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management recently issued a notice in the Federal Register informing federal workers and federal retirees […]

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Rare FEGLI Enrollment Opportunity Offered Next Year

Federal workers will be offered a rare opportunity to enroll in, or modify, government-sponsored life insurance. The question we must raise though is…..is it worth it? More on that in a moment. According to a notice in the Federal Register, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management will hold a Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance open […]

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Get Prepared: FEHB Open Season Is Just Weeks Away

Open season is just around the corner. That means federal workers, like you, may enroll in a federally-sponsored healthcare plan, change your plan, tune it more to your liking, or cancel it. All these changes can be made during what the federal government calls open season. This year, it runs from Monday, November 9 through […]

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Outgoing Association President Offers Bleak View on Pay and Benefits

The outgoing president of a federal executives association is advising the workforce not to get their hopes up about any improvements in pay and benefits.   In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Senior Executives Association President Carol A. Bonosaro offered a sour outlook when asked for her thoughts on the subject on the […]

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Driverless USPS Delivery?

Will we see a day when nobody (or, more accurately, no body) is behind the wheel of a United States Postal Service delivery truck? It may not be as far-fetched as you think. In a recent blog post, the United States Postal Service Inspector General’s office speculated on the future of driverless vehicles and whether […]

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Federal Workers Will Get Letter Notifying Them of Data Hack

  Federal workers whose identities were stolen in a massive data breach will soon receive an official notice in the mail informing them of what was stolen and what steps they can take to protect their identity. According to a blog posted on the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s website, OPM has already begun sending […]

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Keep Your Hands Off the Thrift Savings Plan, Group Warns

Don’t raid the TSP to save the federal government’s budget woes. That’s the message to Congress delivered by the Employee Thrift Advisory Council, an organization composed of federal worker rights groups, unions, and uniformed services. The council advises the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, the TSP’s administrator, and represents roughly 4.9 million TSP account holders […]

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Brookings Paper Calls For USPS Breakup

Is the United States Postal Service hampered by its constitutionally declared and much assumed mission to deliver mail to places near and far in the U.S., no matter what it takes or costs? According to a Brooking Institution (.pdf) white paper, that universal mandate must be reevaluated and the agency should no longer be under […]

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Bill Aims to Curtail Criminal Background Checks in Fed Workforce

A proposed law would revamp the federal workforce criminal background check system. Dubbed the Fair Chance Act, the proposal would ban the federal government, including federal contractors and federal agencies, from requesting or asking for the criminal history of some applicants until after the applicant receives a conditional offer for employment. “Empowering people with records […]

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