USPS postal service reform

House appropriators have heard the public’s outcry for improved U.S Postal Service service standards. Early July they approved an amendment that would restore the service standards of 2012. This amendment was proposed by U.S. Representative Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) and adopted in accordance with the fiscal 2017 financial services appropriations bill. While a giant stride forward, this is just the first step in a long process. The Senate must approve the final appropriations bill in order for the measure to become enacted into law.

If enacted customer service is expected to improve greatly and strengthen the USPS. Not surprisingly, the measure is supported strongly by the American Postal Workers Union.

Lower service standards that were implemented January of 2015 wreaked havoc on the United States mail delivery, which was a problem for millions of Americans. Despite the increase in electronic services as a means of communication, the American people still rely on the USPS to deliver important documents such as bills, wedding invitations, and graduation announcements as well as medical prescriptions. These items require timely delivery, a promise that has gone unfulfilled for over a year.

The problem of delayed mail has caused many Americans to reach out to their state and local officials and members of Congress for a solution. If the House measure is approved by the Senate, overnight mail delivery would be restored within metropolitan areas. In addition, 2 and 3 day delivery standards for first-class mail and periodicals would be reestablished.

A similar bill adopted by the House last year failed to survive the Senate. None the less this House measure is a significant achievement towards restoring the American faith in the U.S Postal Service. “Delayed mail harms families, businesses, rural and urban communities, and is a drag on our economy,” said Marcy Kaptur, who sits on appropriations panel. The APWU is now doing everything in its power to make this amendment law and meet the public’s demand for good postal service.

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