We’re on a mission to provide Federal Employees with the HR they’ve never had.

At MyFEDBenefits, it is our primary goal to help Federal Employees throughout their careers to take advantage of the great aspects of their unique benefits package, help them to identify and avoid wasting money on benefits they don’t need, and assist them in getting to retirement with the standard and lifestyle they have earned and deserve.

Decoding Federal Benefits

Federal employees have a harder time than ever today figuring out how to get the most out of their benefits. With the ever-changing environment of the government employee sector, many either don’t know their options or aren’t sure what’s best for them and their family.

The benefits you choose today have a major impact on the quality of your retirement tomorrow. But it’s difficult to obtain reliable information in a user-friendly format. You’re faced with confusing websites, forms, and hotlines at every turn, and human resources are no longer a viable place to get assistance

That’s where we come in.

Meet The MyFEDBenefits Team

  • Gary Aiello

    Gary is the President of MyFEDBenefits, and has many decades of providing service and support to Federal Employees. He is passionate about providing extraordinary career and benefits consultation to Federal Employees in all facets of federal service.

  • Chris Corjay

    Chris is an owner of MFB and an Investment Advisory Representative. He has a dedication to helping federal employees make the most of the benefits and options available to them in their career and retirement.

  • Brandon Pinkerton

    Brandon has been a federal employee benefits and retirement planning specialist since 2013 and holds the Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant ChFEBC designation. He specializes in assisting federal employees understand their benefits and charting a course for their financial success in retirement.

  • Brandon Nicol

    Brandon is an owner of MFB and specializes in Retirement Planning & Federal Benefit Services. He’s been a Federal Employee Benefit & Retirement Planning specialist since 2010 and is one of our Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultants.

  • Don Underwood

    Don works with Federal Employee Benefit Specialists to help customize retirement programs to meet the needs of our valued federal employees and their families. Donald has spent over 46 years in the financial services industry.

  • Rebecca Ricks

    Rebecca has been helping federal employees since 2014 and holds the Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant designation. She has extensive training and stays up-to-date on the ever-changing federal government benefits program, providing federal employees with a comprehensive analysis of their retirement and benefits.

  • Marcus Aiello

    Marcus is an owner of MyFEDBenefits. He has spent his career building and supporting the MFB initiative of Federal Employee benefit and retirement consulting since 2007.

  • Sam Marx

    Since 2011 Sam has helped thousands of Federal employees, union members, supervisors and Postmasters navigate the often confusing world of Federal Benefits and retirement.

MyFEDBenefits Knows Federal Employees

With several decades of experience advising Federal Employees on how best to utilize their benefits package, we have the skills and knowledge necessary to make an impossible task seem simple.

We start with this website. Knowledge is power, and so we are sharing as much as we can with you in a user-friendly way. This basic but critical information covers core benefits such as TSP, FEGLI, FERS, CSRS and Retirement.

Next, we meet with you to answer your questions and determine the customized plan that’s right for you. Our team of skilled specialists will walk you through the more complex parts of the benefits puzzle and provide personalized consultation and support when you need it the most: now.

This hands-on service is designed to give you a head’s start on your retirement planning, making sure you’re set up to have the retirement you deserve.

With our team of Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultants (ChFEBC) on staff, we will be your partner for a fun, successful and profitable career path. Stop guessing what benefits plan might work for you; let MyFEDBenefits help you master your retirement.

Let us help you maximize your retirement benefits. Request a Federal Benefits Workbook today.

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