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The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is dealing with a large backlog of applications from retiring federal workers. As of January 2016, the backlog of claims was at a whopping 73%, which is a concern for those looking to retire sometime this year.

What does the backlog mean for retiring federal workers? For starters, many federal employees looking to file this year will be faced with processing errors and delays as the processing system the OPM uses simply cannot handle the influx of applications. Second, prospective retirees that are midway through the process may see delays in their pension and salary benefits, which can result in financial hardship.

With January and February the busiest months for the OPM, it’s no wonder that they have a backlog that lasts throughout the entire year. In fact, it has been stated that the OPM on average processes only 3.5 applications a day.

Instead of getting stuck in a queue, you can reach out to the team at MyFEDBenefits to help you file your application and answer any processing questions you may have. Our team specializes in helping federal workers understand their benefits and options when it comes to retirement.

Don’t let the OPM backlog dissuade you from enjoying a fulfilling retirement! Contact us today and let us help you get the most out of your federal benefits in 2016.

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