Anticipated Pay Raise for Federal Workers in 2024

Federal employees are to receive an average pay raise of 5.2% in 2024. This figure includes an across-the-board raise of 4.7%, with an additional 0.5% on average for locality adjustments. If approved (it’s expected to pass), the new pay increase will become effective on January 1, 2024. This marks the largest annual increase in salaries […]

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Federal Employees Will Receive a Significant Pay Increase in 2023

Federal employees can expect a pay increase in 2023 that is double the amount of any annual increase in over 10 years. The Senate passed an appropriations bill which silently endorses the President’s recommendation for federal employees to receive a 4.6% pay increase next year. And while specific allocations of the raise have not been […]

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2022 Pay Increase Announced for Federal Workers & Military Personnel

President Biden has issued an executive order to implement his plan (originally announced in August) to provide federal workers with an average 2.7% increase in pay for 2022 The pay raise provides federal employees with a 2.2% raise across-the-board with an additional 0.5% for locality adjustments, to total up to 2.7%. The increase would take […]

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