US Office of Personnel Management Data Hack Raises More Questions than Answers

Multiple data breaches of OPM records has federal employees wondering just what might happen to their personal information, what actions they can take to protect themselves, and what policymakers will do to ensure this never happens again. The agency is facing a major management upheaval following the resignation of its director, Katherine Archuleta, on July […]

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Social Security is No Longer a Guaranteed Safe Investment

Is Social Security a secure investment? The answer to that question is tricky. But the looming insolvency of the fund could lead to significant changes in payouts for retirees and how much workers are taxed to prop up the fund. No doubt, we are all tired of the thousands of predictions made by pundits and […]

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Public Safety Officers are Extended a TSP Early Distribution Tax Break

Federal public safety employees will receive a substantial investment tax break thanks to a law recently signed by President Obama. On June 29, he approved the Defending Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act. The act exempts federal public safety workers such as law enforcement officers and firefighters from being forced to pay a 10 percent penalty […]

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Will Federal Retirees get a COLA in 2016?

The numbers are in, and so far, it’s not looking good for federal retirees in 2016. FedSmith determined that as of the most recently available data in May it appears as though retired federal workers will not receive a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) next year. The publication crunched and evaluated the mind-numbing calculation, derived from the […]

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Pay Raise Likely for Federal Workers Next Year

A pay raise for federal workers passed a key hurdle — Congress. A House committee in June passed a government funding appropriations bill that did not nix a proposed 1.3 percent across-the-board raise that was floated by the Obama Administration earlier this year. The president’s 2016 budget blueprint, which the Republican-controlled House and Senate is […]

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Paid Administrative Leave Under Fire

Paid administrative leave is going under the microscope. After the Government Accountability Office discovered that federal agencies spent more than $3 billion on pay for administrative leave from FY 2011 through FY 2013, the Office of Personnel Management is developing a plan to keep a more watchful eye on paid leave. OPM Executive Director Katherine […]

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Federal Workers in Select U.S. Cities Could Receive Pay Raise

Federal workers in select cities in the U.S. may receive a tidy bump in pay early next year. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management and the Federal Salary Council are adding 13 metropolitan areas to their existing list of cities where federal workers’ salaries are determined by local market conditions, such as comparable private sector […]

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DoD Proposes Major Changes to Military Pension System

The Department of Defense is proposing a substantial revamp of its pension system for new service members. The DoD submitted a proposal to Congress this month that calls for the creation of a “blended defined benefit and defined contribution” retirement pay system for service members. That means service members would receive a reduced pension payout […]

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OPM Falls Behind on Retirement Claim Processing

You may be in for a bit of a wait when you file your retirement papers. The sheer number of retirement claims received by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management is causing processing delays, which means federal workers may have to wait until they receive all of their retirement benefits. For example in May 2015, […]

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OPM Creates Pension Oversight Board

Literally all eyes are on your pension plans. The Obama Administration, Congress, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, the Congressional Budget Office, the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, and of course, everyone in the federal workforce wants to know whether it will be a smooth, or rocky, ride for the federal retirement system […]

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