Thank You to Front Line Federal Workers & Those Who Serve

To all the amazing men and women serving on the front lines of the Coronavirus, we dedicate this message of thanks and gratitude to you. To the Federal employees keeping us safe, keeping us healthy, ensuring we receive the services we all rely on and many times take for granted, and to those of you […]

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$340 Billion in Emergency Appropriations for Federal Agencies

Below is a list of allocations from the $340 billion in emergency spending appropriations, special provisions, and other resources made available to Federal agencies as part of the he Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, signed into law on Friday, March, 27 2020. For the first time so far, N95 masks (recommended by […]

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Do Federal Workers Qualify for the Coronavirus Stimulus Rebate?

Question: Do Federal Workers Qualify for the Coronavirus Stimulus Rebate? Answer: Yes. Though there is a catch, which applies to both Federal employees and all other Americans. The rebate sounds fairly simple: all taxpayers get a check for $1,200 with an additional $500 added per child. Unfortunately though, not everyone is to qualify for the […]

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Upcoming TSP Withdrawal Changes

Current and retired federal workers will soon have a whole lot more options when it comes to withdrawing funds from their TSP account. Below is a quick reference of what will take place; your options below the change, the short transition period, and what options will be available to you when the new rules go […]

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MyFEDBenefits Launches Military Buy Back Calculator and Buyback Blueprint™ for Feds Who Previously Served in the Armed Forces

Feds Buying Back Their Time in Military Service Approximately one-third of all civilian federal employees have previously served in the Armed Forces. Many of these feds have heard of a buy back option that allows them to have their time in active-duty count towards retirement eligibility and pension benefits in the civil service, but most […]

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Public Service Recognition Week – Thank You to Our Federal Workers

This week, we say thank you to our Federal workers. We are so grateful for the strength, talent, and dedication you bring to the job each and every day. When we need you the most, you’re always ready to give – you work tirelessly, and you work faithfully. You provide the services we all depend […]

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Businesses that Offered Support to Federal Employees During Shutdown

There were so many local businesses, non-profits, and normal everyday citizens that helped our federal workers during the shutdown. Each one deserves our full gratitude and appreciation for the support they gave. To view the list of companies and organizations who made their offers of assistance available on our Shutdown Assistance Map, please go to […]

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Assistance Programs for Furloughed Federal Employees During the Government Shutdown

To help furloughed Federal employees find assistance at the local-level, we’ve added an Assistance Map below. To use the map, simply click on your state or select it from the dropdown menu. SAM was launched on 1-11-2019, and a great number of very generous offers from local businesses have already started to fill the map […]

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10 Ways to Save on Taxes And Expenses in 2019

The start of a new year is a good time to review your finances. These are some simple things you can do to help save on taxes and boost your long-term savings. Read the full blog post by clicking below: 10 Ways to Save on Taxes And Expenses in 2019

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Should Retirees with FEHB Enroll in Medicare Part D?

Retired federal employees may wonder if they should enroll in Medicare Part D with FEHB benefits. Here is an overview of how the two work together. Read the full blog post by clicking below: Should Retirees with FEHB Enroll in Medicare Part D?

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