What You Need To Know About Postal Service Reform

USPS employees may be facing new changes to their retirement benefits with the introduction of a possible new bill The new proposed H. R. 756 bill is attempting to salvage the U.S. Postal Service by drastically cutting costs and driving up revenue. Though the bill still has to pass both the House and Senate before it becomes law, […]

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How The Federal Hiring Freeze May Affect Your Retirement

Learn how the new federal hiring freeze may affect your retirement President Trump has placed a hiring freeze on the federal workforce; however, he does not specify how long it is to stay in effect. The order was given late January after his inauguration. It is the first of many moves the president plans to […]

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Social Security Changes For 2017

Proposed social security changes for retirees in 2017 Change is coming to beneficiaries of social security benefits beginning in January 2017. For starters, full retirement age (FRA), the age when you can collect your full benefit, will creep up from 66 to 67 in two month increments over the next six years. This will affect […]

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What Does the Federal Pay Increase Mean for your Retirement Plan

Civilian federal employees will see an additional 0.5% bump in their paychecks in 2017, according to Government Executive. This raise comes as a surprise to many. Earlier this year, President Obama proposed a 1.6% pay increase. That amount has now increased to 2.1%. Pressure from federal employee unions and members of congress were likely motivators. […]

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Keeping Personal Records For Retirement

Federal retirement counselors share the importance of keeping personal records We love our agencies. Unfortunately, we cannot depend on them to get it right every time. To be human is to err, and this means that discrepancies are bound to happen. What we can do is prepare for them by keeping copies of our own […]

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FEGLI Open Enrollment Quiz

Is FEGLI Open Enrollment Right For You? For the first time since 2004, FEGLI open enrollment will be available for all Federal employees in September 2016. Navigating federal insurance can be confusing, and many Fed workers may not know if FEGLI is the right choice for them. The team at MyFEDBenefits has created a FEGLI […]

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Millions Not Notified Of Data Breach

Millions of Federal Employees Affected by OPM Data Breach The Office of Personnel Management has reported as many as 2 million individuals affected by the hacking of a government investigation database have not been formally notified. The cybersecurity attack discovered by the OPM in June 2015 has left upwards of 21 million Americans at risk […]

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House Approved Amendment to Restore USPS Service Standards

House appropriators have heard the public’s outcry for improved U.S Postal Service service standards. Early July they approved an amendment that would restore the service standards of 2012. This amendment was proposed by U.S. Representative Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) and adopted in accordance with the fiscal 2017 financial services appropriations bill. While a giant stride forward, […]

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Understand Your Options During FEGLI Open Season

Know Your Options For FEGLI Open Season. This fall a unique event will give federal employees the opportunity to increase their life insurance without a qualifying life event or proof of insurability. This Open Season will be available to those interested in joining the Federal Employee’s Group Life Insurance program. FEGLI, with an enrollment of […]

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Proposed Changes with FEGLI and FEHB

In January of this year, The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) finalized a policy to protect federal employees from losing their health care benefits coverage were their plan to drop out, drop a level of coverage, or restrict its coverage areas. This change comes in time for the annual fall open season. Affected enrollees have […]

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