Senior Managers Could Face More Pressure

Executives and management in the federal workforce could see their performance reviews affected based on their employees’ engagement scores from the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS). This information was publicly revealed when the news site Federal News Radio obtained a draft of a memo to agency leaders from the Office of Management and Budget […]

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Defense Department Per Diem Rates to Change

  New long-term temporary duty (TDY) per diem rules for civilian Department of Defense workers went into effect earlier this month. But 13 federal employees’ unions oppose the changes, especially for civilian DOD workers. Defense Travel Management Office director Harvey Johnson explained in a release that the per diem rules, which will impact lodging, meals […]

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Federal Benefits Could Be Under Scrutiny Again

A shakeup of the U.S. Congress in the wake of the 2014 mid-term elections could put federal workers’ pension benefits under the microscope again. Pensions and Investments, a money management publication, and other mainstream media outlets have been reporting on this issue since well before the election that turned the tide on Capitol Hill. In […]

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FEHB Enrollment Begins

Open enrollment in the 2015 Federal Employees Health Benefits Program began November 10 and will run until December 8. Current federal employees, retirees and their families can select from a variety of plans throughout the country using the FEHB Program. As a federal employee, you are eligible for enrollment in the FEHB Program. Open season […]

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Postmaster General Patrick R Donahoe is Retiring

Amid complex financial challenges facing the United States Postal Service, Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe announced today he will retire in February. Donahoe was appointed Postmaster General in October 2010. He will be succeeded by the agency’s chief operating officer, Megan J. Brennan, who will become the first female Postmaster General. “Pat was the calm […]

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The $1258 Question When Choosing to Enroll in Medicare For Federal Employees

In 2015, Medicare Part B premiums will be $104.90 per month per person, or $1,258.80 a year. The good news is that’s unchanged from this year. The bad news is that feds who will turn 65 in 2015 will need to make a decision about whether or not to enroll in Part B and pay […]

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Federal Workforce Increasingly Educated

According to new data gathered by the Office of Personnel Management, federal employees are continually looking for and taking advantage of opportunities to expand their education while building a career in public service. This year, OPM gathered information about the level of education government workers have attained, in addition to other types of demographic data. […]

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New 2015 TSP Limits are Announced

The IRS recently announced the contribution limits for retirement investment accounts in 2015, including the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). For next year, the elective deferral, annual contribution limit for TSP is $18,000, up $500 from 2014. The catch-up contribution limit for employees ages 50 and older is increased to $6,000 from $5,500. The increase in […]

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USPS Gets OK to Test Market Grocery Delivery

As a postal service worker, you deliver mail. Now, you may be delivering groceries. The Postal Regulatory Commission approved a proposal from the United States Postal Service to test and develop a grocery delivery program, with hopes of scaling it to a nationwide market. In an Oct. 23 proposal, USPS explained its experimental product, called […]

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Feds Trying to Retain STEM Employees with Higher Pay

The Office of Personnel Management is encouraging agencies to maintain and build a workforce of employees who specialize in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by offering them higher pay. In a recent memo, OPM Director Katherine Archuleta said that federal agencies have the authority to “provide additional direct compensation in certain circumstances” to support […]

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