Federal Workers Might Get a Raise in 2016

The White House has proposed giving federal workers a 1.3 percent pay increase in 2016. Despite the raise trailing the rate of inflation and the rising cost of goods and services in the U.S., it is at the very least a faint recognition by the Obama Administration that federal workers deserve more than the pay […]

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Delay Proposed for Closure of USPS Mail Processing Facilities

An amendment was slipped into the Keystone XL pipeline Senate bill that would halt the U.S. Postal Service’s plan to close mail processing facilities across the country this year. U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat from Michigan, introduced the amendment to the contentious Senate bill, which would put a colossal wrinkle in the agency’s long-term […]

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USPS Moves Ahead with Plan to Shutter Mail Processing Facilities

Despite backlash from U.S. Postal Service employees and some lawmakers on Capitol Hill, the USPS is moving forward with its plans to close and consolidate mail processing facilities across the country. This month, the agency will begin shutting down 82 mail processing facilities. This action is in response to USPS and Congress’ inability to stem […]

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Campaign Launched to Expand Banking Services at USPS Retail Locations

You might be able to send mail and do some basic financial transactions at your local post office if a proposal by the American Postal Workers Union comes to fruition. The union is partnering with financial reform and labor organizations to launch a campaign to push the initiative, which would expand banking services beyond money […]

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Democratic Lawmakers Propose Pay Increase for Federal Workers

If a proposed bill this year becomes law, federal workers could get a break from Congress after suffering through years of wage freezes. Democrats in Congress are rallying around a bill proposed by Virginia lawmaker Gerry Connolly that would give federal workers a 3.8 percent pay increase in fiscal year 2016. This proposal is music […]

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The Times They Are a-Changin’ Again in Washington

A New Year, a new Congress: what does this mean to you? If we use the past to inform our answer to that question, we’ll see another year of debate about your pay and benefits in Washington and whether they should yet again be put on the chopping block. Analysts are predicting that Republican control […]

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Despite Progress, Sharp Increase in Retirement Claims Expected in 2015

Soon-to-be retired federal employees can still expect long wait times for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management to process their retirement claims. Despite making tremendous progress and improvements, the OPM is anticipating an influx of retirement claims this month which could create another claim logjam and lengthen the time it takes for retired federal workers […]

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Kinks Still to be Worked Out for Federal Hiring and Recruiting Standards

U.S. government agencies are continuing to fall short of expectations set by the Obama Administration to improve hiring and recruiting practices. Only 45 percent of hiring managers in the federal workforce said they were “actively and personally” involved in the recruiting process for job vacancies, according to a recent Chief Human Capital Officers survey. That […]

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Despite Challenges, USPS Gets a Big Thumps-Up From The Public

The United States Postal Service is entering the most challenging period of its history. But fortunately, it has immense public support. According to a recent Gallup poll, the USPS has the “most positive image” among 13 high-profile government agencies. Conducted in November, the poll found that young Americans, in particular, stand behind the agency and […]

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White House Taps New Generation of Federal Workforce Leaders

In response to the exodus of senior managers and executives in the federal workforce, the White House issued several executive orders this month to help prepare and cultivate the next generation of leadership. Nearly a quarter of senior managers in the federal workforce are expected to retire by 2017. Reacting to that drain of leadership, […]

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