Open enrollment in the 2015 Federal Employees Health Benefits Program began November 10 and will run until December 8. Current federal employees, retirees and their families can select from a variety of plans throughout the country using the FEHB Program.

As a federal employee, you are eligible for enrollment in the FEHB Program. Open season is your opportunity to enroll, change health plans or options, cancel your enrollment and change your participation in premium conversion.

Visit the Office of Personnel Management’s health plan enrollment page to get started in the enrollment process. Also, check out our website for further information.

Some plans are dropping out of the FEHB Program, including plans in parts of Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri and Virginia.  If you are enrolled in these terminating plans, you must enroll in another FEHB plan or you will not have health benefits for 2015. Additionally, other plans are changing their service areas or coverage options.

A list of all health insurance plans available in a state for 2015 can be found here, along with links to plan brochures, changes for each plan from the previous year, information on plan patient safety programs, and links to plan provider directories. Search for your zip code, plan name or health insurance plan using the 2015 FEHB comparison tool to decide on the best fit for you and your family.

There are some instances where federal workers will not qualify for FEHB Program enrollment. Additionally, employees in some special circumstances are eligible for participation, like cooperative employees, employees who serve on agricultural stabilization and conservation county committees and employees transferred to public international organizations.

You are unable to enroll, change your enrollment or cancel coverage outside Open Season, unless you experience one of these qualifying life events:

(a)    there is a change in your family status, like a marriage or the birth or adoption of a child

(b)   there is a change in your employment status

(c)    you or a family member loses FEHB or other coverage.

For guidance in your FEHB Program choices speak to one of our federal benefits specialists. Your health insurance matters; take the initiative to find the best and most effective coverage for you and your family.

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