Federal agencies are signaling an impending government shutdown. If realized, it would begin this Sunday, September 28th 2023, putting millions of federal employees and military personnel either on furlough or required to work without knowing when your next paycheck might arrive. The longer it lasts, the heavier the burden on federal workers, their families, and the general public that rely on their services.

To brace for a potential shutdown, federal employees, particularly the essential ones, should:

1. Secure funds for at least two weeks’ expenses. Ideally, you should have at least 3-6 months of net pay as an emergency buffer, but for most, two weeks’ pay might be the best you can do right now.

2. Reassess and trim your budget. Prioritize essential expenses like housing, utilities, and insurance, while sidelining others.

3. Communicate with creditors about payments and ask about special program or grace periods that are available to furloughed or essential federal workers.

4. Understand Your benefits as a federal employee. Familiarize yourself with the benefits you might retain during a shutdown, such as health insurance, and which ones we be unavailable or inaccessible. While some may persist without disruption, others might face uncertainties.

Remember that MyFEDBenefits is here to help! During the previous shutdown (2018-2019), which was the longest in the past 50 years, millions of federal employees and their families relied on us for information and support. During that period, our Shutdown Assistance Map was the #1 resource for federal employees seeking assistance. Our staff worked tirelessly to communicate and coordinate with all federal workers that were affected. You counted on us then, and you can count on us now.

If you questions or need guidance related to your benefits, please reach out to a Federal Benefits Specialist in your area today: https://myfedbenefitshelp.com/contact-us/find-a-benefits-specialist/

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