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From August 5-10, MyFedBenefits will be at the First UPMA National Convention in Louisville. The Kentucky chapter of the United Postmasters and Managers of America (UPMA) has worked tirelessly to create an amazing program for the first national convention, and we’re thrilled and honored to be a part of the events.

While you’re taking tours of historic Louisville, decorating your derby hat, and attending the various dances and cruises throughout the conference, remember to set aside some time for actual learning! The MyFedBenefits booth is the ideal place to get information about your long-term savings options and government benefits once you stop working.   

Let Us Help Your Team Plan for Retirement

Whether you’re an area coordinator of your local UPMA chapter looking to bring back information or local postmaster trying to advance your knowledge of employee benefits, we can help you learn about different retirement options for your team.

Representatives from MyFedBenefits will be on site with materials for retirement and other savings options. By meeting with our team, you can learn more about our services and the options postal workers have to keep their finances in order and receive benefits from the federal government. While we specialize in retirement, MyFedBenefits has expertise in:

All of these benefits have different requirements and work together to support your income once you stop working or can’t work anymore. Our experts can navigate the complexities of these benefits to make sure you get the payments you earned.  

We Also Work With Individual Postmasters

You don’t have to meet with our team just as a representative for your post office. If you’re struggling to plan for retirement then we can help. Talk to us about your concerns when it comes to your benefits and the challenges you face. We can make suggestions to clear up your financial situation and get you on the right track to retire.

Helping yourself will enable you to help the postal workers you manager, and they will know they can trust you if they ask financial planning advice.  

Retired UPMA Members Welcome

If you’re attending the retired UPMA member luncheon and events, talk to us about how your retirement is going. It may be time to rethink your financial strategy and adjust your benefit plan now that you have had a few years to live off of your savings. Meeting with us could also be helpful if your spouse is visiting the conference, as you can talk to a professional together about what the next few years look like for your family.

On-Site Attendees: Stop By for a Chance to Win!

Meeting with our team is valuable for your long-term savings and planning, but it’s also a chance to win! If you’re attending the convention on-site, stop by and talk to the MyFedBenefits representatives and then share a Facebook review of your experience. You will then be entered to win a gift card, with the winner announced at the end of the conference.

We want to prove that working with the MyFedBenefits team is a great experience, with personalized plans, dedicated service, and a caring approach to your financial situation. Plus, with the chance to get a free gift card, we can prove that saving for retirement really is a winning strategy!

Where To Find Us  At The First UPMA National Convention

The MyFedBenefits team will be located at booth ## inside the convention center. Attendees are welcome to drop by our booth or schedule an appointment to meet with our representatives. Time flies during the convention, so make sure you block out space to discuss your retirement and other federal benefit options.   

We’re looking forward to meeting you at the upcoming UPMA National Convention! There’s so much to learn and endless information on how you can improve your postal region. Amid all the excitement, don’t forget to think about the future and stop by the MyFedBenefits booth to plan for your retirement.

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