Should You Keep Your Money Locked Up in Government Investments?

The Thrift Savings Plan is one of three investment tools the federal government offers you to help smooth your own road to retirement. But is it your only option? If we turn to statistics, it’s evident that the TSP remains popular in the federal workforce. According to FierceGovernment, roughly 375,000 federal workers have set aside […]

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VA Simplifies Disability and Appeals Requests

The VA is making it easier for veterans to request disability benefits and appeal eligibility decisions. The agency has developed a standardized claim form and a standardized appeal form to guide veterans through the process. “This change will help VA provide faster and more accurate decisions to our veterans, their families and survivors,” VA Under […]

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Thinking of Retirement? Consider Your Options First.

The federal workforce is bracing for a bit of upheaval as more workers approach retirement eligibility. According to a U.S. Government Accountability Office study, nearly 31 percent of career employees (non-postal service) will be eligible for retirement in September 2017. The numbers are astounding: Nearly 600,000 workers of the 1.96 million permanent career employees, as […]

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Will I Ever Be Able to Take a Phased Retirement?

You waited a long time for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management to draw up the rules governing phased retirement. It took almost two years for OPM to devise the regulations, which allows federal employees to work part-time and collect a portion of their pension so that they still receive, in effect, full-time pay. Whether […]

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A Review of Proposed Legislation that Could Alter Your Pay and Benefits

In the past year, we’ve written about plenty of proposed laws that may have a positive or negative impact on your pay and benefits, and most importantly, your retirement. Since there are many bills being proposed in Washington that could affect your financial future, we decided to highlight a few of the major proposals in […]

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Severe Federal Worker Pay and Benefit Cuts Pass House and Senate

It’s not just talk, or the usual song and dance lawmakers put on about austerity in front of the cameras to make the folks in their congressional district’s believe they are doing their jobs in Washington. It doesn’t look like a dog-and-pony show this time around: Congress seems genuinely determined to cut federal worker pay […]

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Your Federal Government Annuity: Your Questions, Answered

To Retire, or Not to Retire –That is the Question Retirement is not an easy decision, especially if you work for the federal government. First, you need to evaluate whether your retirement income from your U.S. government benefits will offset the generous salary you made on the job. As a federal employee, you are entitled […]

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Boss Man, It’s Time For A Raise

American Federation of Government Employees President J. David Cox Sr. delivered a succinct message to President Barack Obama about federal worker pay at an event commemorating a watershed moment in U.S. civil rights history in Selma, Alabama. The AFGE was the only union officially invited to join the president and civil rights leaders for a […]

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OPM Revises Hiring and Mentoring Practices

The federal government is retooling how it recruits new talent and mentors new employees. This month, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) released its recruiting “roadmap” that lays out new standards to give managers additional tools to seek out job candidates. Ultimately, OPM is emphasizing a data-driven strategy to “attract, develop, and retain a talented, […]

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Budget Plans Offer Some Insight into 2016 Spending Priorities

Congress and the White House are giving some indications about how they want to spend revenues next fiscal year. Albeit, we must note that nowadays budget plans from Congress and the White House are just that: plans. And often these plans are merely a set of idealistic and ideological principles rather than a true accounting […]

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