U.S. Postal Service workers may see drastic changes to their benefits

U.S. Postal Service workers and retirees are facing an uncertain future when it comes to their health care and pension benefits. In May, the Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General released a report that took a look at the agency’s long-term labor expenses. As of the 2013 fiscal year, the Postal Service had approximately $47 […]

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Phased Retirement for Federal Employees? Not Yet.

Retirement eligible federal workers who don’t want to hang up their hats just yet and still want to work part-time will have to wait longer before they can sign up for the government’s new phased retirement program. It has been nearly two years since Congress approved the law in July 2012, and the U.S. Office […]

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Federal health insurance costs rise slowly, outperforming private sector

The cost of health insurance premiums for federal employees has remained relatively stable over the past three years and continues to outperform large premium hikes in the private sector. However, federal employees continue to pay more toward their health insurance premiums year after year, without much indication that the cost curve will bend more toward […]

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New federal employees face potentially large pension contribution payment

Federal government employees hired this year may have to pay a sizable back payment toward their retirement benefits because of a hitch in the government’s payroll processing systems. Due to the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013, federal government employees hired after Dec. 31, 2013 are required to contribute 4.4 percent of their salaries to the […]

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