As a federal government worker, you have a wealth of options to choose from when it comes to planning for retirement. But it is not easy to accurately determine what your quality of life will be like — how much money you will have on hand — after you decide to finally hang up your hat and enjoy other pursuits.

We’ve seen federal government workers watch their incomes drop 70 to 80 percent once they stopped earning their full-time government salary and turned to their FERS basic annuity and Social Security to make ends meet.

That’s not the position you want to be in. That’s why you should turn to us.

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Based on your entries, you have a minimum retirement age (MRA) of --. At that time you will have accumulated -- years of service as a federal employee.
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Federal retirement is a long and difficult road to navigate. But you're not alone on this journey!

  • Retirement Roadmap Includes, at No Cost to Current Federal Employees:
    • MRA Date (Minimum Retirement Age)
    • FERS Pension Calculation
    • SRS Qualification (Special Retirement Supplement)
    • Social Security Calculation for Age 62 & FRA
    • TSP Income Estimate & Maximization
    • CSRS (Civil Service) Retirement Options
    • Military Buy Back Calculation & Step-by-step
    • FEGLI Analysis Pre & Post-Retirement)
    • Health Insurance Eligibility & Costs
    • Medicare Step-by-step
    • Interim Pay Estimates
    • Terminal Leave Calculation
    • Survivor Benefit Overview
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*The Retirement Roadmap is available at no cost to current federal employees. MyFEDBenefits is a free resource for all federal employees to help them understand their unique beneifts package.

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The road to retirement is filled with landmines that can delay your first retirement check.
Take the RetireEZ route:
  • Accurate Preparation of Retirement Forms
  • MRA Date (Minimum Retirement Age)
  • Best Date to Retire for Optimal Income
  • FERS Pension Calculation
  • SRS Qualification (Special Retirement Supplement)
  • Social Security Calculation & Optimization
  • TSP Income Estimate & Maximization
  • CSRS (Civil Service) Retirement Options
  • Military Buy Back Step-by-step Guide
  • FEGLI Analysis (Pre & Post-Retirement)
  • Medicare Step-by-step Guide
  • Interim Pay Estimates
  • Terminal Leave Calculation
  • Survivor Benefits Overview
  • Health Insurance Eligibility & Cost
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The easy way!

You know all too well how the federal government works. You must read hundreds of pages, hundreds of bone dry rules to just get a grasp of your benefits and how they will work in your favor, or not, come retirement.

There are many variables at play with your federal benefits, which could offer you a wonderful life after you depart from your career. Or you could be placed in a difficult position because you weren’t made aware how you can optimize your government-sponsored benefits or seek other alternatives.

There’s so much dense language to sort through. And your agency’s HR department, as well as the Office of Personnel Management, may be too overworked and understaffed to quickly get you the answers to the following questions and more that surely come up along the way as you start planning for retirement.

When is the best time to retire?

  • What will the cost of living be when I retire? Will I have enough money on hand to maintain my standard of living?
  • Will health care costs keep increasing?
  • What role will my government Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) play in my retirement? Am I investing enough money in my TSP? Should I consider rolling over my TSP into a privately managed plan?
  • Should I consider phased retirement?
  • What is the best retirement age for Social Security?
  • As a USPS worker, should I take the government’s early retirement offer?

There are so many questions to be answered about retirement, yet very few easy, clear answers.

We also never know how Washington is going to change your benefits and potentially alter your financial future — for better or for worse.

We’ll guide you through the process. We’ll suggest ways to maximize your benefits so you are not placed in a financial pickle. During our free one-on-one consultations, we’ll perform a thorough examination of your federal benefits package.

We’ll help you determine whether you are effectively using your TSP, whether you should stay with your government life insurance or try a commercial alternative. We’ll take a look at your options today and help you prepare a long-term plan to avoid facing a 70 to 80 percent income drop when you retire.

Retirement is a big decision, and it’s not to be taken lightly. You must be armed with knowledge and accurate numbers in order to make wise financial decisions especially after you walk away from your government career.

That’s our role.

Our job is to breakdown the numbers and help you achieve a clear understanding of your post-retirement life before you even get there.

Let’s get started today.

Also check out our blog. We post weekly stories about retirement planning and government benefits. It is an excellent resource that we take pride in putting together to offer you a better understanding of your benefits.

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