To help furloughed Federal employees find assistance at the local-level, we’ve added an Assistance Map below. To use the map, simply click on your state or select it from the dropdown menu. SAM was launched on 1-11-2019, and a great number of very generous offers from local businesses have already started to fill the map – more are pouring in every minute! Anyone can add a listing, so if you know of one that isn’t shown on the map, feel free to make it happen! Help a Federal worker today – #helpafed

P.S. National announcements can be found below. If you know of one that is not shown, please feel free to message us on our facebook page.

UPDATE 1-25-2019:
The President announced that an agreement was reached on a Continuing Resolution (CR3). He has signed the bill, and the government will reopen – for at least the next three weeks. SAM will stay open and allow for new offers of assistance to be added. Current offers of assistance may no longer be available as many business owners, along with the majority of everyday citizens, believe that the end of the shutdown (or the continuing resolution announced today) equates to federal employees no longer need their assistance. Please be aware that this is not the case; feds who have not received a paycheck in more than a month will most likely not receive their first backpay check for another week or more. This means they still need your help, and they are so grateful to receive it. So please keep your generous offers of assistance available to them if you can. For all feds looking for food assistance, we have spoken with food pantries across the country – all are still available to assist you and are ready to ensure that you can put food on the table for your family. Hang in there, more updates will come soon.

UPDATE 2-15-2019:
Congress passed full appropriations for the seven remaining appropriations bills covering the rest of fiscal year 2019, and the President signed the bills at midnight this day. The government is now fully funded. Thank you to all those in our government that helped to end the longest shutdown in US history, and helped our federal workers get back to work and receive pay for the work they’ve done. We are truly grateful to you. And thank you to the many businesses that offered support to our feds during the shutdown – you were there when they needed you the most, and your assistance will not be forgotten. Lastly, thank you to all of our feds who were affected – you endured something no one should ever be asked to. Many of you had to continue working your post through the shutdown (those who were excepted and required to work without pay), unable to make up the difference in your lost pay through side jobs or part-time work. You endured the worst of it, but you kept your head held high, and you continued to serve us. We are so grateful for your service to our country and our way of life. You are the best part of our community, and we will always support you. Thank you.

UPDATE 3-1-2019:
Though the shutdown has ended, and new offers of assistance can no longer be added to the map, SAM will remain accessible, and functional, for historical purposes. Journalist or parts of the general public that would like to contact us regarding the development of SAM or our experience in assisting federal employees during the shutdown, may request to speak to our Director of Public Relations through this contact form. You can expect inquiries to be answered within 24 hours. Thank you for supporting our feds.

Shutdown Assistance Map (SAM)

National Announcements

Here is a short list of assistance programs recently announced. There are others in the works that have not been announced or that have not been published online, so make sure to check with your credit card providers, lenders, and other service providers that may have additional options available to Federal employees furloughed due to the government shutdown. Remember that you should always ask for help before your payment is due or before late fees are assessed.

Join the conversation on our facebook page – we’re glad to hear your stories, and you can discuss what other furloughed employees are doing during this time: https://www.facebook.com/myfedbenefits/

Banks Announcements

Click the link to read the full announcement

Bank of America: BofA announced assistance available to furloughed Federal employees. Call the priority assistance line 844.219.0690.

Chase Bank: Chase today announced efforts to help its customers who are U.S. government employees affected by the U.S. government shutdown. Here’s the special line they set up 1-888-356-0023.

Congressional Federal Credit Union: For more information on our Relief Line of Credit or any of our assistance programs, contact our Member Service Representatives at 800-491-2328 or stop by one of our branch locations.

FedChoice: They’re offering quite a number of different options to assist – for existing and new members.

Interior Federal Credit Union: They’re offering a special loan for both member and non-member forloughed Federal workers. Net paycheck up to $15,000, interest free up to 30 days. Members may apply for a limit up to the equivalent of 2 net paychecks. More offers available on the site or call 800-914-8619

Navy Federal Credit Union: These guys are offering a special loan program. Read the FAQs PDF from this link to see if you qualify or call 1-888-842-6328

PayPal: Paypal has made a very generous offer. They’ve allocated $25 million to fund interest-free cash advances to our furloughed Federal workers that need assistance right now. This is for both new and existing PayPal Credit customers. Minimum loan is $250 with a maximum cash advance of $500. Your account does need to be in good standing if you’re an existing PayPal Credit customer. Existing customers call 1-877-689-1975. For new accounts, apply here first, then after approval call 1-877-689-1975.

U.S. Bank: Will waive all late fees if you miss a mortgage payment due to the shutdown. Also mentioned they will defer first payment dates for new mortgages.

U.S. Employees Credit Union: USECU is also offering shutdown loans, but only until Tuesday, January 15th. Call (312) 922.5310 to get help.

SunTrust: SunTrust didn’t make a specific offer, but they did make a public announcement that they have programs in place to help clients affected by the shutdown.

Synchrony Bank: These guys handle store cards for Amazon, Lowes, Walmart, JCPenny, Chevron/Texaco, and many other large nationwide companies that you might do business with on a day to day basis. They are allowing affected customers to defer payments until after the shutdown. Contact them for more information.

Union Plus: For union members, there are a great number of options available if you’re with Union Plus. Call them at 800-472-2005 to ask about these offers: $300 Furlough Grant for eligible Union Plus credit card holders, Mortgage Assistance Loan & $300 Grant:, payment grace period for your Union Plus Life and Accident Insurance, payment grace period for Union Plus Auto Insurance, and payment grace period for Union Plus Life and Accident Insurance.

Wells Fargo: Here’s a full list of all shutdown assistance lines at Wells Fargo. They’ve got a number of different options to help depending on the services you have with their bank.

Furlough Grants

Click the link to read the full announcement

FEEA-NARFE: This is an awesome offer that every furloughed Federal worker needs to take advantage of. FEEA-NARFE fund is offering $100 grants to active federal employee members who are not receiving a paycheck during the current shutdown due to being furloughed or working in excepted status. To apply, visit the FEEA website here.

Thrift Savings Plan

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TSP Plan News and Announcements: TSP allows for the suspension of loan payments when you go into non-pay status. They do not require documentation of your furlough at this time. Missing one or two payments will not cause your loan to go into default. Log in to your account to check your status or simply call the ThriftLine at 1-877-968-3778.

Automotive Finance Companies

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Toyota Financial Services & Lexus Financial Services: Affected lease and finance customers in good standing with their accounts may be eligible to take advantage of up to two months of finance contract payment extensions or lease deferred payments. Toyota Financial Services call 800-874-8822 and Lexus Financial Services call 800-874-7050.

Hyundai Capital: Hyundai will extend all Hyundai Capital auto loan and lease payments for 30 days for current Hyundai owners who are federal government employees furloughed during the shutdown. Impacted consumers should contact Hyundai Motor Finance at 1-800-523-4030 to take advantage of this offer.

Kia Motors Finance: Kia has announced they’re offering deferred payments of 30 days. If you’ve been affected by the current Government Shutdown and need assistance from Kia Finance, please contact us at 1-866-331-5632.

Ford Credit, GM Financial, & Mercedes-Benz Financial Services: It has been reported that these companies are among those providing qualified customers options such as payment deferrals, late fee waivers and special care lines to address their individual problems, though official announcements from these companies have not been released online.

Mobile Telephone Service Providers

Click the link to read the full announcement

AT&T: Will assist with adjusting late fees, providing extensions, and revising payment schedules.

Sprint: Will provide short-term payment solutions. Call 1-888-211-4747

T-Mobile: Offering short-term assistance, and can spread out service payments over time. Call 1-877-746-0909 or 611 from a T-Mobile device.

Verizon: Offering flexible payment options and has a Promise to Pay program to set payments for a future date. Call 1-866-266-1445

Rental Home Assistance

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National Rental Home Council: Represents many of the nation’s largest operators of single-family rental homes. They’re offering deferred rent payment options with no late fees to any renter who has been furloughed.

OPM Sample Letters for Creditors and Mortgage Companies: OPM created these sample letters for Federal workers to contact their landlords, mortgage lenders, and utilities, to request help during the shutdown.

National Food Resources & Advice

Click the link to read the full announcement

Feeding America: These guys have a nationwide network of 200 food banks. From those food banks, they have 60,000 partner pantries from which they can serve every community across the United States. This is an awesome resource, and they have already begun serving Federal employees affected by the government shutdown.

Your School District: To save on food and ensure your kid eats breakfast and/or lunch free (less stress and worry for you), notify the district of your furlough. No income is an emergency and normally qualifies you for the free meal program.

Home, Auto & Life Insurance Relief

Click the link to read the full announcement

MetLife: For those not receiving a paycheck from the federal government as a result of the current shutdown, MetLife Auto & Home may grant a one-time, 30-day grace period on your payment of premium on a MetLife Auto & Home policy. Members must request this one-time allowance by calling 1-800-GET-MET8.  Certain restrictions apply, and premium remains due after delay expires. 

Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company: To help the nearly 27,000 AFGE members who currently have a policy with the company during this government shutdown, the company “will keep the policy-in-force by waving the cost of insurance charges for the next 30 days.” . Policies beginning with the letter "Y" call: 844-800-9146, all other policies call: 888-513-8797

Other Notable Mentions for Relief & Assistance

Click the link to read the full announcement

Rent-a-Center (Benefits Plus Membership): If your account was up to date at the time of furlough and you are a part of benefits plus you may be eligible for a payment waiver based on your state: “Involuntary Unemployment Payment Waiver: Losing a job is hard, and making payments while unemployed is even harder. Fortunately, your Membership waives your payments when you are involuntarily unemployed. Whether you were fired, laid off, suspended, or are out of work due to a labor dispute or strike, your payments are covered for up to four (4) months, up to $1,000, or when you’re able to return to work.”

National Freebie Offers

Doesn’t make me feel any better, but it’s worth noting that Rosetta Stone is giving away a free three-month online subscription to furloughed government workers. Just send an email to expandyourworld@rosettastone.com with your name and the government department you work for. Please note that the offer ends Thursday, January 31st.

Unemployment Benefits

U.S. Office of Personnel Management: Their fact sheet states that federal employees may be eligible for unemployment compensation administered by state unemployment insurance agencies. So eligibility is determined by state law, not on the Federal level, which may work in your favor.


Federal Benefits Workbook: This is something we always offer to Federal workers – shutdown or no shutdown – and it’s an awesome thing to have. Essentially you can get a complete overview of all the benefits available to you as a Federal employee. You’ll find a lot of things that your HR department simply never told you about. It’s a great resource for helping you at any stage of your career, but it’s especially important for those planning or preparing for their retirement.

We’re always here to help our Federal workers. We support you guys 100%, and we always will! Reach out to us if you have questions – we’ll be your HR dream team!

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