There were so many local businesses, non-profits, and normal everyday citizens that helped our federal workers during the shutdown.

Each one deserves our full gratitude and appreciation for the support they gave.

To view the list of companies and organizations who made their offers of assistance available on our Shutdown Assistance Map, please go to https://myfedbenefitshelp.com/shutdown-assistance-map. Many others contributed in a great number of ways (seen and unseen) not shown on our map, and to those we give our full thanks as well.

To the lawmakers who worked on behalf of our federal employees to show their solidarity, appreciation, and support. We are grateful to you.

To our staff who worked tirelessly to build and maintain the Shutdown Assistance Map, and to our countless volunteers who encouraged local businesses to lend a helping hand in any way they could – you helped our feds when they needed it the most, you gave without asking for recognition, and your support will always be remembered.

Last but certainly not least, to all our federal workers affected by the shutdown, you endured something that no one should ever have to. A great number of you continued to work through the shutdown, continued to serve our nation and support the services we depend on – the services that protect us, that make our way of life possible, and many times go unseen or without recognition. Your sacrifice is truly appreciated. You represent the best of our community, and you’ll always have our support.

To all who helped our during the government shutdown of 2018-2019. We thank you. Your support truly made a difference. Way to #helpafed!

Offers of Assistance Made Available on the Shutdown Assistance Map 2018-2019: https://myfedbenefitshelp.com/shutdown-assistance-map

Thank you again to all the businesses, organizations, cities, states, lawmakers, and normal citizens that helped our federal employees during the shutdown. Your support made a difference.

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