Thank You to Front Line Federal Workers

To all the amazing men and women serving on the front lines of the Coronavirus, we dedicate this message of thanks and gratitude to you.

To the Federal employees keeping us safe, keeping us healthy, ensuring we receive the services we all rely on and many times take for granted, and to those of you whose sacrifice remains largely unseen, we thank you.

To those serving in our Armed Forces, protecting us from harm, reallocating their strengths to meet the challenges we face, and supporting us in ways we can’t even imagine, we thank you.

To our first responders, doctors, nurses, and all who serve in the medical community, we are in awe of you. You are giving so much; serving, sacrificing, and doing your very best even when you’re presented with the very worst. We thank you.

To all the great citizens of this nation, those who serve and those who support the ones that serve, your courage and selflessness is a light that shines bright for all to see, and we thank you.

Today we are one, fighting side-by-side to preserve the things we all cherish. We are working together, for each other, and that is the best work we could ever hope to do.

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