National Postal Worker Day

Congratulations to all of our National Postal Worker Day giveaway winners!

Nearly 200 USPS workers from around the country entered our 2018 National Postal Worker giveaway, and we’re excited to recognize our top 12 finalists and announce our grand prize winner.

We read each and every one of your submissions and are proud to host this giveaway for the second year in a row.

USPS workers work tirelessly day in and day out to keep our mail system running smoothly, and for that, we thank you!

Make sure to check out their stories and read their inspiring and heart-warming stories below!

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Gloria Maria: Our Grand Prize National Postal Worker Day Giveaway Winner!

Gloria Maria National Postal Worker Day

“While delivering mail on an Aux route, I heard screaming coming from inside a garage. I entered and found a crippled man had fallen on his wife as she was trying to help him out of their van. The wife had a broken leg and I stayed with both helping while I called 911 and paramedics arrived”

We loved hearing Gloria’s story and reading all the comments you shared about her. Plus, she just let us know that she will be donating her grand prize to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!

Congratulations Gloria, and thank you for all you do as a postal worker every day!

Top 12 National Postal Worker Day Giveaway Finalists

Lorri Bell Frandsen

Lorri Bell Frandsen National Postal Worker Day

“This is Carolann Stevens Christensen & I enjoying time away at the UPMA Convention in Louisville KY. However, withou the USPS we wouldn’t have met and become friends. That’s the best thing about being a postal employee is the people & friends I’ve made across this great country!!”

Jodi Norton Goodwin

Jodi Norton Goodwin National Postal Worker Day

“Five years ago I found out I had a brain tumor. I had to have brain surgery so I was out of work for a few months. One of my old middle school friends lived on my route and told the neighborhood when I was coming back. This is what I came back to!! I also got flowers and gift cards. I felt so loved and appreciated!!”

Tracy Jo Gordon

Tracy Jo Gordon National Postal Worker Day

“I love working for the Postal service the customers and friends you make are one in a million. My favorite memory so far was when our lead clerk came to work as a t-rex just because it was a bad day before.”

Robyn Holdmeyer (on behalf of her father-in-law Dave)

Robyn Holdmeyer National Postal Worker Day

“This is a picture of my father-in-law (Dave) in December 2017 on his last day working at USPS! He devoted 41 years to the post office! He always has a smile on his face and ready to serve his community in Washington, MO. Our family is very proud of his years of service and all he has accomplished!”

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Sally Hopkins

Sally Hopkins National Postal Worker Day

“I started as a very young 20 year old back in the 70s and retired after 37 years. I can honestly say…..this job changed my life. I met my then husband, who gave me my greatest gift, my daughter. I made a new postal family and was afforded many blessings by way of working here. I consider myself a very proud American Postal worker for life and hope nothing but the best for its future so that generations to come can be as honored as I am to call themselves postal workers. But…..if those walls could talk…..the stories would be hilarious.”

Mike Maccariella

Mike Maccariella National Postal Worker Day

“I remember a cold day delivering mail and I noticed a challenged person without a hat waiting for the bus. I removed my hat put it on his head. The funny thing is my ears and head never got cold the rest of the day.”

Danielle Perales

Danielle Perales National Postal Worker Day

“Returning this cute puppy home … He crawled on top of all my packages”

Paulanne Roberson

Paulanne Roberson National Postal Worker Day

“I have a customer on my route who husband was a mail carrier. He passed away 5 years ago…somehow she feels the connection when I take my breaks in front of her house..we talk everyday. She really appreciates her mail lady..I’m blessed to have a lovely job that allows me to interact with all types of people…You never know how much someone is missing their loved ones until you see the hurt and tears as they begin to speak about those people!!!”

Chase Ryan

Chase Ryan National Postal Worker Day

“I was delivering on a route as a sub one day and went to a door for the customer to sign for a registered. Saw that it was this beautiful young woman and my jaw was on the ground. A couple of weeks later I saw her out at a bar and asked her friend who she was and if she was single. Turned out she was. Her friend set up a perfect scenario for me to ask her out on a date. Little did I know that a little bit down the road that I was going to ask this woman to be my wife and we are getting married in October. Our hashtag for the wedding is #shesignedforthepackage”

Cindy Smith

Cindy Smith National Postal Worker Day

“A dear friend and coworker said I should submit an entry. So here I am. My name is Cindy Smith and from the moment I raised my hand and swore to protect and preserve the sanctity of the mail on 7/1/00 I have been a dedicated proud to be rural mail carrier. Yes I wore that eagle outfit for Halloween on my route in the Florida Keys. Early in my career my area participated in Stamp out Hunger but I saw potential for so much more, an opportunity to serve my community, WHILE serving my route. In 2009 I was named the Local coordinator by the then NALC Community Outreach National Director. My husband and I began utilizing the yard signs banners and posters. I encouraged coworkers to purchase t shirts, got us free print ads and for the last 5 years have had donated air time on our local radio station. Our ten route Office has gone from hundreds of pounds to thousands and I am so pleased to be a part of this effort.

Early in my career a local realtor asked our postmaster if the person who answered Santa Mail might know of some needy families. Out of that connection was born Cindy Clause. That dear lady, a few of her friends and my husband and I have over 18 years helped more than 70 families from trees and trimmings to computers, bikes and more. All born from answering Santa mail. Lastly, but by far not least I have been out on an on the job injury for 2 years. I was asked to speak at the local middle school on Career Day and jumped at the chance. What an amazing experience to share all the things I love about being a postal worker with the next generation.

Thank you for the opportunity to enter, I just cannot pick one thing. I have a huge collection of memories of serving my route and interacting in my community representing the USPS.
Thank you so much.”

Matt Swink

Matt Swink National Postal Worker Day

“Just one of the years I’ve been able to help stamp out hunger. This is the day my little ladies get to help me out. Plus we get to help out many people in need.”

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