Budget cuts, sequestration, government shutdowns — no wonder morale in the federal workforce has taken such a huge blow.

Gleaned from interviews with human resource leaders at 43 federal agencies, a report released in May revealed what many federal workers already know: Years of pay freezes, furloughs and government shutdowns have cast a cloud of uncertainty on their professional career and financial future.

According to the report:

One HR leader said, “I’ve had people ask me, ‘Why should I plan? I literally have no idea what my budget (will be) next year.’ Another said, ‘It’s a strange world. One day you’re on the chopping block and the next year you’re expanding.”

In such a strange state of affairs, which the report writers compare to the reality-TV show “Survivor,” it would be very difficult for anyone to be optimistic about the future, never mind being able to think as far ahead as retirement.
While we can’t force the hand of Congress to do the right thing for you, we can help you can gain better control of your financial outlook and break through that cloud of uncertainty looming over you.

We will sit down with you and take a close look at your federal benefits, like healthcare, as well as your government-sponsored retirement and investment packages.

Through our financial planning process, we will help you understand that, while Washington may be facing uncertain times, that doesn’t have to be the case for your financial future.
You already have a solid benefit package through the federal government. But the question is: Are you maximizing every available option to your favor?

Contact us today to learn about other financial opportunities in the private sector that will complement your federal benefit package. Although these are uncertain times, we will work with you to restore confidence with proper planning and advice.

Know Your Options!
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