Below is a list of allocations from the $340 billion in emergency spending appropriations, special provisions, and other resources made available to Federal agencies as part of the he Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, signed into law on Friday, March, 27 2020.

  • For the first time so far, N95 masks (recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as most effective in preventing the spread of the virus) will be made available to front-line airport screeners in the TSA. VA, FBI, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Marshals Service, Defense Department, Forest Service, HHS and others will also receive tens of millions of dollars to purchase personal protective equipment.
  • IRS will receive at least $250 million related to extending the tax filing season, processing stimulus checks, and implementing other parts of stimulus bill.
  • USPS gets the option to borrow an additional $10 billion from the Treasury Department.
  • TSA and Bureau of Prisons will each see $100 million for costs hiring, recruiting, overtime, personal protective equipment, and cleaning supplies.
  • VA will receive nearly $20 billion, mostly going toward boosting health care services at its facilities.
  • Social Security Administration will receive $300 million for additional workload and to make up for lost productivity.
  • The General Services Administration will receive nearly $300 million, most of which will go toward deep cleaning and enhanced screening at federal buildings. GSA would receive another $18 million this year for the Federal Citizen Services Fund, which would help agencies improve their networks, expand the use of digital signatures and virtual private network technologies.
  • Departments of Agriculture, Interior, and Health and Human Services will receive funding to hire new staff.
  • Labor Department will receive $15 million to implement new paid sick leave programs and expand unemployment benefits
  • USDA, Interior and HHS, as well as the departments of Justice, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs will receive appropriations to support overtime pay for employees directly working on coronavirus response.
  • The Office of Personnel Management will receive $12 million to expand telework, including digitizing the usually paper-based retirement application and case management process.
  • Government Accountability Office would receive an additional $20 million to audit agency coronavirus spending, and would receive authority to oversee and investigate private entities that receive funding.
  • For federal contractors, the bill includes a special provision to allow government agencies the ability to pay sick leave to contractors who are unable to access official work sites, or in situations where telework is not possible based on the responsibilities of the job being performed.
  • USDA, the State Department, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and the Peace Corps, will receive hundreds of millions of dollars to bring home thousands of employees and volunteers currently stationed overseas.

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