Federal Retirement Planning Quiz

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How many years of creditable service do you have?

Years of service for which CSRS/FERS contributions were funded and therefore creditable for the computation of your pension.

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Do you know when you can retire without penalty?

This is called your MRA or Minimum Retirement Age. MRA applies to all regular government employees and is based on a couple of factors: Your age and years of creditable service.

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Have you made a deposit for your military service time?

If you have military service time and are not receiving a military pension, a deposit or purchase can be made to increase your federal pension (Annuity).

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Have you prepared for your interim-pay period immediately following retirement?

The interim-pay period starts immediately following separation and applies to all federal employees. During this time, you’ll receive a small portion of your estimated pension/annuity payment.

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Are you eligible for a special retirement supplement?

If you are an employee with at least 20 years of service you might be eligible for FERS special retirement supplement equal to $400 - $1500 per month.

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Is your TSP account balance distributed between the various funds, based on your individual retirement time horizon?

The closer you are to retirement (5-10 years), the more important it is to consider the impact of risk (market volatility) on your TSP account balance.

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Do you know what role your unused annual leave plays at separation?

At retirement, employees are entitled to a lump sum payment for annual leave credited to their accounts, which includes your carry-over balance.

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Do you know what your age 62 social security benefit amount is?

If you have contributed to your social security for at least 10 Years (40 quarters), then you are entitled to a social security benefit.

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Do you have a pre-retirement debt reduction plan?

Managing your monthly expenses and debt before you retire is crucial! Minimize your debt and reduce the money going out while you still can.


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