After completing the quiz, we'll give you a score with some helpful tips for retirement.

1 Do you have at least 10 years of creditable service?
Years of service in which you received benefits, i.e. TSP, FERS, CSRS, FEHB.
2 Do you know your MRA?
This is your Minimum Retirement Age.
3 Have you made a deposit for your Military Time?
If you have Military Time, a deposit or purchase can be made to increase your federal pension.
4 Are you currently participating in FEHB?
FEHB - Federal Employee Health Benefits.
5 Do you know what your "Special Retirement Supplement" will be?
If you are an employee with at least 20 Years of service you might be eligible for a FERS Retirement Supplement equal to $400 - $1500 per month.
6 Are you contributing to TSP?
Thrift Savings Plan contributions are often matched by the government and are crucial to retirement.
7 Have you updated your beneficiaries?
These are your TSP and FEGLI Beneficiary designations.
8 Do you know your Age 62 Social Security Benefit?
Social Security plays an important roll in your retirement income.
9 Do you have a debt reduction plan?
Understanding your monthly expenses is equally as important as managing your monthly income. Discretionary Income is your goal. This is the money left after paying your bills.
10 Do you know how much your retirement income will be?
This is the combination of your FERS, CSRS, Social Security, TSP, Private Sector-Annuity, etc.

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Congratulations on taking the first step! Retiring from the Federal Government is one of the most important decisions you'll make! The in-service career decision you make today will directly impact your future after separation.

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