U.S. Government Printing Office Aiming To Reduce Workforce Next Year

The U.S. Government Printing Office, a stalwart disciple of print, is following the increasing trend of going digital. The agency responsible for printing and electronically disseminating the government’s vast trove of rules, laws and regulations is trying to cut back on labor costs. Like other companies in the publishing sector, the GPO is looking to […]

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Social Security Administration Needs to Keep Up With Technology

The Social Security Administration must reinvent itself and embrace technology to meet increasing work demands while contending with a shrinking labor force and other issues, according to a recent report. In a report released in June, the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) provided recommendations as to how the agency can confront and overcome tighter […]

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USPS Pitches Early Retirement Offer to Postmasters

Struggling to regain solvency, top U.S. Postal Service officials have unveiled another labor cost reduction plan. The USPS is offering a one-time payment of up to $10,000 to 3,097 postal service workers if they exercise an early voluntarily retirement option. The pitch is more than likely an attempt to mitigate the anticipated pain of the […]

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Amendment Passed to Maintain Six-Day Delivery by USPS

Although the United States Postal Service has been facing some financial difficulties, it appears the agency will maintain six-day delivery. U.S. Rep. Jose E. Serrano, (D-NY), along with U.S. Rep. Tom Latham, (R-IA), sponsored an amendment to the fiscal year 2015 Financial Services and General Government appropriations bill, which adds language to the bill requiring […]

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New Memorandum Ensures Federal Workers’ Schedule Rights

The White House wants to ensure federal workers are getting a fair shake when it comes to their work schedules and other workplace benefits. In a June 23 memorandum, President Obama outlined several areas he wants department heads to pay more attention to, in order to foster a quality workplace and “retain a talented and […]

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OPM Makes Progress on Retirement Claims, but Backlog Persists

Despite making some progress, the Office of Personnel Management has a long way to go before catching up on processing retirement claims. As of May, OPM had a backlog of 14,551 retirement papers from federal workers that still had not yet been processed. This, however, marks an improvement from February of this year when the […]

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Who’s The Boss?

The federal government has inadequate systems in place to track vacancies of top positions at executive branch agencies, according to a recent Brookings Institution report. Released in June, the report determined that vacancies of top brass at the Department of Homeland Security “reached crisis proportions” in 2013, in part because several key posts remained unfilled, […]

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Retirement Does Not Have to be Bleak If We Get to Work Today

Today, Americans are contending with the most uncertain financial prospects since the Great Depression. More than half of U.S. households will not have the ability to maintain their standard of living in retirement, according to the National Retirement Risk Index. Today’s cost of living is not tomorrow’s cost of living. The price of a decent […]

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New Laws Can Cut Into Your Bottom Line

We once thought your federal job benefits were relatively set in stone. You knew exactly how much you were obligated to contribute to your pension. You got a raise every year. And you figured if you put in just the right number of years, you could walk away from your career fulfilled, and most importantly, […]

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Tap Dancing Your Way into Federal Retirement

Don’t you wish retirement planning could be as carefree as Gene Kelly’s iconic performance of “Singin’ in the Rain”? If only we could have that extraordinary feeling of levity, twirling around lampposts after kissing a Hollywood starlet, while hunkered down with our calculator and sharpened No. 2 pencil. Unfortunately, life on the big screen is […]

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