We’re on a mission to provide Federal Employees with the HR they’ve never had.

At My Fed Benefits it is our primary goal to help Federal Employees throughout their careers to take advantage of the great aspects of their unique benefits package, help them to identify and avoid wasting money on benefits they don’t need, and assist them in getting to retirement with the standard and lifestyle they have earned and deserve.

Help where it’s Needed

With the ever-changing environment in the government employee sector today, it is confusing, complicated, and frustrating job for an employee to squeeze the most from the benefits they are offered.  With the maze of websites, forms, forums, hotlines, etc, and the trend to reduce or eliminate human resources as a viable place to get assistance, obtaining reliable information in a user-friendly format is a thing of the past.  That is where we come in.

We Know Federal Employees

With several decades of experience advising Federal Employees on how best to utilize their benefits package and prepare today for a dignified retirement, we have the skills and knowledge to make an impossible task seem simple.  The first part of making it simple is this user-friendly website providing basic but critical information on the core benefits such as TSP, FEGLI, FERS, CSRS and Retirement. A website that is quick and easy to navigate, but still provides access to information you can use.  The second part of this simple approach is having access to our team of skilled specialists to walk you through the more complex parts of the benefits puzzle and provide personalized consultation and support today when you need it the most.  This hands-on service is designed to give you a track to run on during your career with a support team along the way, as well as a partner to guide you through the intensive retirement process.

With our team of Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultants (ChFEBC) on staff, we will be your partner to a fun, successful and profitable career path. We take the guesswork out of your benefits!

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